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Insidious 4 : The Last Key
After successfully freeing young Quinn Brenner from the grasp of a nasty spirit in Insidious: Chapter 3 (2015), parapsychologist Elise decided to put retirement on the back-burner and goes into business with Specs and Turner. As Spectral Sightings, they are a collective force to be reckoned with, and more than qualified to investigate the darkest depths of the undead world. But, with Elise still haunted by the same mysterious man that has followed her since her childhood days in New Mexico, can she ever truly separate her own life and career from The Further? The fourth instalment in the terrifying horror franchise is another prequel, set just before the events of Insidious (2010), where we first met the troubled Lambert family. Insidious: Chapter 4 sees scream-queen Lin Shaye takes centre-stage, as the film delves deep into her past. Shaye has had a long and distinguished career, and made notable appearances countless genre cult classics, such as A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984), Critters (1986) and Ouija (2014). Support comes in the shape of Spencer Locke (Tarzan), Javier Botet (The Revenant) and Josh Stewart (Interstellar).

Rating 15
Running Time 103 minutes
Genre Fantasy
Release Date Fri 12 Jan
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