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The Death Of Stalin
The year is 1953. Joseph Stalin seems in hale (albeit paranoid) condition, terrorizing everyone, summarily killing off any suspected dissenters, and keeping even his cronies on edge. That comes to an abrupt halt one morning when the dictator is found belly-up on the floor of his office following a stroke. What follows is director Armando Iannucci's version of hijinks: the plotting and jostling for power by a group of connivers who cowered under their boss. All of the top lackeys are in contention - milquetoast Malenkov, wiseguy Khrushchev, bewildered Molotov, thuggish Zhukov, and depraved Beria, with Stalin's drunken son Vasily and jaded daughter Svetlana off to the side. They move with the clumsiness of aspirants not up to the job but desperate for it anyway. A feature adaptation of Fabien Nury and Thierry Robin’s acclaimed graphic novel.

Rating 15
Running Time 107 minutes
Genre Comedy
Release Date Fri 27 Oct
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