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Daddy's Home 2
After coming to blows in Daddy’s Home, Brad and Dusty have managed to put their troubles behind them and begin planning a family Christmas with Sara and the kids. But, just when it seems that a peaceful festive break is on the cards, Dusty’s dad Kurt (Mel Gibson) calls out of the blue and invites himself over for the holidays. Much like his son, Kurt cuts an imposing, macho-man figure, which Brad finds intimidating. And, to add insult to injury, Brad’s gentle and overly-affectionate dad follows suit and also invites himself to the party. Cue a clash of personalities with disaster written all over it. Now, with four dads in tow and the kids getting over-hyped for Christmas, the tension begins to rise and it looks like Brad and Dusty might be back to square one. Can they make it out of the holiday season alive?

Rating 12A
Running Time 100 minutes
Genre Comedy
Release Date Fri 24 Nov
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