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LIVE SHOW - Swingers
SWINGERS MJS PRODUCTIONS Written & Directed by Matt Sargent 29th April 2018 Meet Brad; sex addict and self-labelled sexual God! Bored with life, bored with marital humdrum, he sets up a Swingers club with hilarious, ridiculous and catastrophic consequences. Some join the club unwillingly, some unknowingly and some with a definite goal in mind. Mad cap situations, clever one liners, chaos and an unconventional mix of characters ensure this orgasmic comedy hits the mark. Matt Sargent has written a number of comedies, all of which have enjoyed sell outs at the local Caxton Theatre, now he takes his Swingers (previously ‘Orgasm’) on the road. A little bit naughty, a little but rude….but certainly not crude – Swingers is one not to be missed.

Rating 16+
Running Time 120 minutes
Genre Live Show
Release Date Sun 29 Apr
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