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Tubelight - Hindi
HIndi (With English Subtitles) A small picturesque town of North India, Laxman (Salman Khan), with his younger brother Bharat (Sohail Khan) live a life of serenity. The two are inseparable as they have no other family. Laxman is a simpleton and is unique in the way he sees the world around him but Bharat has to often protect his brother from insensitive and unpleasant people and share a deeper bond than just being siblings. Laxman's world comes crashing down, when the tension at Indo-China border peaks and Bharat gets drafted into the Army. A helpless Bharat leaves a devastated Laxman behind. As the news from the border gets worse, and seeing the carnage around him, worried for his brother, the simple - minded Laxman decides he must stop this conflict and get his brother back. TUBELIGHT is set in 1962 and tells the story of one man’s unshakeable belief in himself and the love for his family.

Rating 12A
Running Time 146 minutes
Genre Drama
Director(s) Kabir Khan
Cast Salman Khan
Release Date Fri 23 Jun
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