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Get Out
A young man visits the estate owned by his girlfriend’s wealthy family, and discovers the house and its grounds are hiding a series of sinister secrets. When Chris is invited to stay at the grand estate of his girlfriend Rose’s family, he takes it as an opportunity to finally get the awkward ‘meet the parents’ cliché over. Even though she tells him he’s being ridiculous, he’s worried about what Rose’s parents will think about the fact that he’s black and she’s not. When their car is hit by a deer during the journey, things quickly turn from ordinary to odd – why does the policeman insist on seeing Chris’ ID when he wasn’t even driving? But when the shaken couple arrive at the estate that things begin to get even weirder. The family’s live-in maid and groundsman seem eerily detached from reality, and Chris soon discovers that several locals have gone missing over the years.

Rating 15
Running Time 104 minutes
Genre Horror
Release Date Fri 17 Mar
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