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LIVE SHOW - Lloyd Griffith in:Undated
Lloyd Griffith in:Undated inundated: VERB [with object] 1) To overwhelm (someone) with things or people to be dealt with E.g. ‘Online dating is inundated with vacuous superficial people looking for meaningless interactions based on a photo where you have to look hot, with no substance’ 2) Flood E.g. 'A man crying his eyes out' Fresh from supporting Jack Whitehall and Rob Beckett on tour, Lloyd embarks on his first nationwide tour in:Undated. A show about overcoming the overwhelming. Star of BBC’s Taxi To Training, Drunk History (Comedy Central), SoccerAM (Sky Sports 1), The Premier League Show (BBC 2), and Football Republic’s Every Premier League Football Fan in 90 seconds. ‘Disarmingly good’ The Times ‘Punchy gags and jaw-dropping voice’ The Evening Standard

Rating 15
Running Time 100 minutes
Genre Live Show
Release Date Fri 27 Oct
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